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RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd is a client-focused licensed accountant company, based in Barrow-in-Furness, covering Dalton, Ulverston and beyond. We aim to help businesses make sense of their numbers.


We pride ourselves on being completely clear and upfront with all our costs and services.


RSS are not just number crunchers, we will add genuine value to your business.


Continuously learning new skills to keep ourselves, and you, ahead of the game.


RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd 

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd is a client-focused licensed accountant company, based in Barrow-in-Furness, covering Dalton, Ulverston, and further, with the aim to help businesses make sense of their numbers.

Our company can do your accounting completely remotely and virtually paperless, if required, as a result meaning nothing getting lost in the post and secure storage in the cloud.

Ultimately by looking after the figures for you we save you time and cut out potentially costly mistakes. Above all this saves you money in the long term and takes the worry away from your accounting stresses. Allowing you to do what you’re good at…your business!

Accountants and Bookkeeping Barrow in Furness

Personalised Accounts Service

You can meet with your accountant as much, or as little, as you like. This means whether you need somebody to ‘hold your hand’ and look after all your bookkeeping and accounts or just someone to chat with regarding any issues you may be facing and to check over your own accounting work, RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd can help you out. Importantly It’s a bespoke service to suit you and also help us to gain an understanding of how your business works.

RSS accountants Barrow in Furness Dalton and ulverston

Monthly Fees

A common complaint we hear from clients that come to see us is that their previous accountant has sprung a surprise bill on them, often for services that they did not realise they were getting. Firstly we will agree what services will be provided and offer a monthly fee so that everyone knows where they stand from one month to the next. This means there will be no year-end bill once your accounts are complete so you will know exactly what you will be paying from day one. Ultimately making your financial planning much easier.

Accountants and Bookkeeping Barrow in Furness

Small Businesses / Start Ups

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd are passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses to grow their businesses. That is to say, we are aware of the issues that small businesses face and endeavour to use our experience to help them get over them. Subsequently our company can provide you with peace of mind that your accounts and tax returns will be filed on time and avoid any nasty penalties.


“At Warm and Dry PHS, I am used to dealing with whatever curveballs are thrown at me by the vagaries of people’s plumbing and heating systems. I love it, it ticks all the boxes for me: practical, problem-solving deep satisfaction when the job is sorted. Can I say the same about book-keeping and accounts? Not really. To me it is a necessary evil which I would rather not be doing and ideally not even thinking about.

I have recognized for quite some time that I have needed help with this area. I have been looking for the right person to help out. For someone like me who equates anyone working with numbers as the equivalent of a traffic warden or a headmaster, choosing a book-keeper and accountant has been a really big deal.

I needed to feel completely comfortable with the person who was and is going to scrutinise every transaction I make.

I am SO pleased that I have now found that person in Stuart from RSS bookkeeping and accounts. He is so approachable and friendly and was completely unfazed by a suitcase (or two) of paperwork delivered to his doorstep. His pricing structure was very clear from the start so it is easy to budget for and he has calmly and efficiently been putting my financial world to rights.

Great work, Stuart and many thanks. I will recommend you to as many people as I can.



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Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You Any Longer

Based in Barrow and the Furness Peninsula, we cover Dalton, Ulverston and beyond. We want to work alongside businesses and help them to achieve their goals and grow. As a company, we know how important and valuable a good bookkeeper and accountant is to a business.


Stuart and RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts have been a great asset to the development of our business. They have been with us since day one to offer great advice on how to take our business forward and helping us every step of the way. Starting up a business is a daunting experience but knowing we have the support of Stuart helps enormously to ease the burden! – 

Mal, Grilla Cheese

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts come highly recommended. They look after our monthly bookkeeping and VAT as well as our payroll. It’s great to have everything all in one place with a great, friendly service.

Stef, Hot Mango Cafe

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Our Clients Are Like Family

Being based in Barrow-in-Furness doesn’t mean we just work with local clients. We work with clients all over the country thanks to Cloud Accounting Software.

Essentially we believe that working with your accountant should be a pleasure, not a chore. Consequently our staff are friendly and approachable and adopt the attitude that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This gives our clients the confidence to come to us with whatever issues they have knowing we will listen, not judge.